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Is anyone else happy that we get to see Gamora again? I just hope that they give her more feats and better define her abilities in this series. I love her character so much but I havent seen a writer truly define why she is called the most dangerous woman in the galaxy with more amazing feats! I mean she was lethal in the Nova series when she was under the phalanx control and viscious in the Inifintiy Crusade series but other than that, i think she has just been written poorly or nit given enough "airtime" in the books she has been in.

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@micahparadise: I think she had some great showings in the DnA GOTG run. She withstood the heat of a sun for a while. I fear that Bendis will just make her one dimensional like a lot of his characters and only serve as someone to banter with his favorite characters (Rocket and Peter). I haven't love the new series so far mostly because I feel their characterizations are kinda boring as compared to the prior series.