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im bored but anyways, team 1, thor superman captain marvel, vs team 2, thanos black adam tyrant, vs team 3, green lantern (hal jordan) silver surfer green lantern (kyle rayner)......who will win?

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Thanos and Tyrant at full power would wipe the floor with whoever add BA and its a wrap. Team 2 wins

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Thanos takes this pretty much on his own...

adding Black Adam and Tryant to that team just makes it overkill


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Thor, Superman, Cap., and Black Adam out in the first few minutes. Thanos and Tyrant might have more power, but Team Lantern has numbers and the advantage that they've worked together before. Besides, in Unholy Alliances, Kyle alone pretty much defeated Thanos with Oa's power and Paralax with SS's power by stealing it. So team 2or 3.

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Tyrant solos all the other guys here

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Team Thanos with authority.

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Team Thanos

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Why bump a mismatch?

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Tyrant solos and thanos can take a few on by himself. Team 2 ftw.

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Tryant solos

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Team Thanos.

Tyrant and Thanos are the most powerful people here, and they're on the same damn team.

Tyrant solos.

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Tyrant solos everyone including his own team all at once