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Grant morrisons batman vs Scott Snyders batman. Only featsfrom scott's and grant's runs are valid.

Fight takes place in Gotham and starts atop the Wayne Enterprises building. Fight to the death. No outside help. Standard gear.

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Grant Morrison's Batman wins.

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Morrison had Batman come back from being sent back in time as a living bomb, survived days of drugging and torture, regained his memory, beat ninja Man Bats and held his own for more than a minute against the Sensei who's a damn boss of a martial artist. Snyder's Batman has nothing on those feats.

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@lvenger: Oh I didn't know that. I've only read "batman and son" so far and it looked like it would be a good match up

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@sog7dc: Read The Resurrection of Ra'as Al Ghul. Or search for images of Batman vs Sensei and you'll see why Morrison's Batman was vastly superior in feats as well as story telling quality.

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Morrison's Batman could win while drugged up and dressed like a crazy hobo.