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Location is in a very old (but still packed to the ceiling in some places with typical office supplies) three story warehouse at dusk. Both sides start at opposite sides of the warehouse. No BFR. Win by KO or Death, but morals on. No prep, but both sides are aware someone else is there.Black Cat has her luck powers, enhanced suit, but with adamantium claws. Longshot (616) has twenty of his knives with adamantium blades. Domino has three clips of adamantium tipped bullets for her pistols.

Round 1: Taskmaster with shield and sword, and 9mm pistol

Round 2: Deadshot with 9 mm pistol, 5 clips

Round 3: Bullseye with 9mm pistol, 5 clips

Round 4: Nightwing. He has his suit, his sticks, grappling hook, and as many batarangs as he normally uses. No gas etc.

Round 5: Daredevil: Billy clubs

Round 6: Bucky Barnes with Cap shield/suit and pistol

Round 7: Captain America with Cap shield/suit

Round 8: Batman with suit, grappling hooks, batarangs,

Round 9: Deathstroke with armor, sword and pistol

Round 10: Superior Spiderman

Round 11: Midnighter.

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