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Sup guys, at school the other day my friends wanted to argue the fact that the bat family could make easy work of Iron Man. I would like to see what yall think about that. I think iron man could dispose of them quite easily due to the fact he is capable of flying at 5280 mph and lift up to 500 tons. I love the bat universe but im just trying to be realistic

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Does batman have prep? If not iron man wins. But if batman has prep he can win by himself. With his justice league robot army.

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Whos in the Bat Family?

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No prep time. Bat family would consist of Nightwing, batman, red hood, red robin, damian, huntress, and black canary

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Then no, the bat family cannot win. Unless the others could stall him long enough for Bruce to get his big guns. But they would all most likely die trying to stall him.

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Bat family could only hope to win with prep.

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Your friends have it backwards. The bat family wouldn't even register as a threat to Iron Man. I'll have to lock the thread since it's a mismatch.