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The entire Green Lantern Corp in a Gauntlet match.

Fights are one after another (instant transport), until death, Green Lantern corp has 2 weeks to prepare, and their opponents get no prep. However, all characters are aware of the abilities of who they are fighting. Combatants do not regenerate or rest between fights. All characters blood lusted.

GLC gets all current members, no emotional entities or guardians

1. All Amazons in Themyscira
2. All Thanagarians on Thanagar
3. The X-Men and Fantastic Four on Marvel Earth
4. JLA on DC Earth
5. Thanos, space, no Infinity Gems or HOTU

If GLC gets this far, they get ION and the Guardians the west of the way.

6. All Heralds of Galactus on Earths Moon
7. Darkseid and co. on Apocolypse
8. Odin and co. on Asgard
9. Galactus in space, at average strength

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At least 6 but they might be able to go all the way considering there's over 7200 Green Lanterns.

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I can see them clearing. Probably won't beat Galactus though.

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Stops at 5 or 100% stops at 6.

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They can clear

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7200 lanterns+Guardians+Ion(assuming this is Kyle Rayner)? They make it to Galactus then get roflstomped

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The Lanterns aren't getting past Odin.