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Fight in nyc,no morals,all dc are pre 52,sentry has total void control. Start 1 mile apart.




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This is extremely hard to decide, lets try and attempt it.

Darkseid vs Thanos: while i believe Darkseid is generally potrayed as physically stronger, Thanos certainly isnt far behind. That being said Thanos has answer to everything OB can muster, from brute force, to teleportation, to BFR, to being erased from existence etc. Its going to be a long and hard battle between Thanos and Darkseid, but i believe Thanos comes out the victory, specially given the fact off later Darkseid has been little less impressive than he used to be.

Surfer vs Mr. Majestic: With morals of Surfer has ways to win but i am still giving it to Mr. Majestic, who's likely stronger, perhaps even faster, the only real problem he is going to have against surfer is his intangibility, should surfer choose to do so. All in all, Mr. Majestic for the majority.

Despero vs Void: This is an extremely tough one, the only time void was defeated was when he wanted to die. He has soloed Avengers and X-men together, is a shape shifter, has molecular manipulation and is generally not harmed by physical force as seen in Seige 04 where Thor's hammer just passed through him and he laughed. I think Void could beat Despero, unless Despero could simply mind control Void and make him wish he wanted to die.

Extremely close but i am giving the majority to team 2 in a very very close match.

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@Killemall: nice summary, was really curious about Thanos v Darkseid

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Team 2 wins.

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@Killemall: Yeah good post......team 2