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who will win

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Megatron is Just a Sentinal to Pitor. 
The Leader of the Decepticons gets scrapped. Pitor could scrap Devestator.
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Colossus would probably rip Megatron to pieces.

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r yall serious? megatron isnt just a robot he's actually smart and he has way more weapons and strength than a senitnal.

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idk i mean megatron has high powered weapons
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Megatron's best bet is at a long range. If Colossus closes in he's toast.

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look the rest of the autobots get scrapped if optimus isnt around megatron is good and while pitor is one of my faves megatron is in a compleatly differnt league he has supirior weponry and shields and is just as good in hand to hand if not better.
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They cannot engage in h2h the big size difference will prevent that

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Dont think that Sentinals and Decepticons are the same. Decepticons are far smarter and stronger and would give piotr a good fight
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Megatron wins. He's smarter, bigger, and has a giant fusion cannon on his arm.

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Hard to say. I don't really know anything about Megatron aside from the movies.
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I see colossus jumping into a spot of his armor and tearing him up inside out