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What Batman villain deserves their own live action movie? (39 votes)

Bane 10%
Black Mask 3%
Catwoman 8%
Clayface 0%
Harley Quinn 5%
Hugo Strange 3%
Hush 5%
Joker 13%
Joe Chill 0%
Killer Croc 3%
Mad Hatter 0%
Man-Bat 0%
Mr. Freeze 8%
Penguin 0%
Poison Ivy 3%
Ra's Al Ghul 8%
Redhood 18%
Riddler 3%
Scarecrow 3%
Two-Face 0%
Zsasz 0%
Other (Specify in comments) 10%
#1 Posted by AweSam (7056 posts) - - Show Bio

Catwoman had her chance.

#2 Posted by jayskee (1903 posts) - - Show Bio

Red hood because he is just bad ass

#3 Posted by DarkKnight1939 (148 posts) - - Show Bio

Ra's al Ghul, because I think a film with him as a central character has a lot of potential. They could for instance do a film highlighting his background and origin as a man who has lived for centuries and has seen the world change thanks to the regenerative qualities of the Lazarus Pits. A background similar to that as revealed in the Batman: Birth of the Demon TPB.

#4 Posted by KraytRawk (605 posts) - - Show Bio

A modern Mr. Freeze movie could be interesting...

#5 Edited by RustyRoy (9192 posts) - - Show Bio

Ra's al Ghul.

#6 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (5550 posts) - - Show Bio

I would watch a Harley and Ivy film. :)

#7 Posted by RustyRoy (9192 posts) - - Show Bio

A Bane movie could be awesome too.

#8 Posted by CHUCKY47 (254 posts) - - Show Bio

A scarecrow movie would be good

#9 Edited by fodigg (6094 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Hood is the obvious choice since he's more anti-hero than villain, but I went with Harley Quinn because I think she could carry a film with a few key supporting characters, either a Gotham Sirens setup or the Suicide Squad setup. Come to think of it, Amanda Waller probably counts as a Batman villain still, give her a film.

#10 Posted by Fizzymcdizzy (2 posts) - - Show Bio

i would say a joker film based on him and his background most people underestimate his background. If you take the time and read the comics, his wiki and books you will find he has an amazing story line i think he is awesome.

#11 Posted by lilben42 (2487 posts) - - Show Bio

Joker. Rated R

#12 Posted by entropy_aegis (13553 posts) - - Show Bio

A movie could be made about anyone but which one would work that is a bigger question.

I only expect Red Hood,Catwoman and Bane movies to do well.Joker can sell himself for a solid opening weekend if nothing else.

#13 Edited by Saren (24288 posts) - - Show Bio

Make a Catwoman heist flick. Just make it good.

#14 Edited by drgnx (3512 posts) - - Show Bio

It could be about how he makes his way into the Crime Syndicate ... including how he blackmails the other members ....

#15 Edited by Vikings (48 posts) - - Show Bio

Guess I'm the only one to vote for Hugo Strange haha. Hugo Strange is such a mysterious character to begin with for me. I think he's the type that would definitely have enough story line to get divulged in. I do agree a Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn movie sounds amazing though! Mad Hatter was tempting too, but good old Jervis doesn't seem like he has enough back story to make an entire movie out of, no matter how much I love the villain.

#16 Posted by TDK_1997 (13666 posts) - - Show Bio

A lot of Batman villains deserve a movie but the real question is which one of these would work in a movie.

#17 Posted by Billy Batson (56850 posts) - - Show Bio

Make a Catwoman heist flick. Just make it good.

Something similar to Selina's Big Score?

#18 Edited by Breadspread (663 posts) - - Show Bio

@citizenbane: agreed.

Catwoman deserves justice. Think of where that character would be now if they made a good Catwoman movie instead of the one they did make.

There is a lot of interest in this character, and a lot of story telling potential. I like the heist idea.