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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: thx

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::smh:: Seriously?

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@Stormbox: @Rogan2112: Seriously, he did, Google it. j/k

Really, the pic is based on Action Comics #9 which was about a black Superman from Earth 23 who was president of the USA. I mean when I hear black and President of the USA one person comes to mind.

Also, there was this cool Youtube video called "Black Justice League". I saw which listed several heroes and at the end it included Big O who was Obama at about 4 mins 12 sec into the video. Big O is an anime, but the name sounded like a cool callsign for Barack Obama as a superhero.

Big O is also listed on the Urban Dictionary as....

A nickname for obama.

Obviously Obama isn't a super-powered vigilante, but his ability to inspire hope through his speeches is a heroic quality and coincidentally inspiring hope is a main theme behind Superman's character is Superman comics so the association to superheroes isn't entirely unwarranted. I believe he is even responsible for inspiring the black Spiderman in Marvel comics.

And if that's not reason enough watch this Youtube video. It makes my case for me. I wasn't one of my inspirations, but it still is really good....

And if you still can't see it, it's probably because you have a bad case of the Romney aka being Republican. j/k

Regardless, thanks for the input.

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@xybernauts: With respect, I am neither Democrat OR Republican. One of my personal quotes is there should be fewer Dem/Reb polictians and more AMERICAN leaders. My objection to the whole idea of Obema (or any current politican as a super (or any kind of hero) is that they simply aren't heroes by any definition I know of. I won't turn this into too much of a political discussion other than to say this past election was one of THE best examples (in my opinion) of "the lesser of two evils" that I've ever seen...there WAS no good we'll see what happens.

Matter 1. It would be VERY hard for me to care less about what color The President (or any other human being's) skin happens to be. To me it's a non issue. However, considering that even given the MASSIVE strides in civil rights, there is still a polarization in our country along racial lines, which is perpetuated my members of BOTH races (yes, BOTH races), it doesn't hurt for African American children to see that there is no limit to what they can achieve in this nation.

Matter 2. I'm sorry, what heroic qualities do you percieve President Obama to have? I will admit, that he is good at inspirational speeches, and will further admit he has pretty obviously the inspiration of some FICTIONAL heroic characters. Frankly, the last Presidential candidate we've had that's ever shown any TRUE heroic qualities (John McCain), has even tarnished those qualities to some degree (possibly a large degree) by the things you have to do, and the moral and ethical compromises that have to be made to SURVIVE, much less thrive in that level of American politics these days.

Anyway, that's my two cents...and again..btw..Registered Democrat.

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@Rogan2112: The thing is that seeing Obama as a hero is part of a trend. I believe the comic book companies are capitalizing on the past associations made between Obama/McCain and Spiderman/Superman during the 2008 primary election campaigns. Of course Obama and McCain were just catering to a portion of the electorate who are partial to superheroes, but in the end this attempt to appeal to voters sparked a trend. I believe the comic book companies and independent artists are merely capitalizing on that trend.

Obama does have heroic qualities, but in the end it's a matter of is the glass half empty or is it half full. Whether you see it or not is a reflection of who you are. There have been negative depictions of Obama as well. Below is just one example.

These images are a form of political commentary like a political cartoon. They aren't meant to be taken too literally. Instead they illustrate positions and reflect the type of feelings these candidates invoke. It's important for those who support Obama to illustrate this when they are inspired or else all you see are the negative images that lead you to believe that everyone is against Obama. Look at how the Tea Party lead everyone to believe that their feelings reflected the feelings of the entire nation all because of how vocal they were.

No one claims that Obama is perfect. I see his flaws too, but to say he's the lesser of two evils is a bit of a stretch. What is it that makes him so horrible? What makes him heroic isn't the color of his skin but it's his positive vision America. It is a stark contrast to the more pessimistic and divisive views of the Republican party. I mean look how negative the Republican primaries were.

As Obama points out in his speeches his victory isn't something he achieves alone, but is representative of a larger mentality that exists among the american public. And that mentality is embodied in Obama. Already we are seeing the effects of Obama's victory. The Republicans are beginning to see the importance of representing everyone in the country, not just the white males.

On another note, John McCain may show heroic qualities, but he ONLY does so when his neck isn't on the line. Look at his views on Syria. They are admirable, but in the end he's not the one who will make the big decision to go in and he won't take the flake if anything goes wrong, so it's easy to be high and mighty in that regards. As Obama pointed out during the last debate, going into Syria isn't that simple. So it's easier to act heroic in those instances. And if McCain believes that he'll be politically hurt by his views he backs away from them. I believe one example of this occurred during his last senatorial election, where he backed away from immigration reform. McCain does have heroic qualities, but not more so then Obama.

Technically I'm a centrist too, but I lean Democrat and I'm a registered Democrat. Putting aside their obvious faults, while Republicans have good philosophies somehow they always fail to practice them in a constructive way while they are in office.

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Also, I should also point out that I agree that both parts of the racial divide are responsible for the polarization in America. That's why its important to support mediators like Obama.

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@xybernauts: First, I should have clarified that when I mentioned McCain I was referring to when he was running against Obama four years ago, not currently. The heroism I was referring to were his actions during Viet Nam which, if you're no aware of, I can describe at length in a reply.

As for my assertation on the lesser of two evils. I will leave it to you or others to point out something possitive that The President has actually done that as proved beneficial. Though I WILL admit, that after the horrendous plunge the economy has suffered over the last four years we're FINALLY starting to see some signs (signs mind you) of recovery. (The excuse that he "inherited" the problem from Bush has two flaws. 1. The problem was created by Bush AND the Democrat controlled Congress...neither were responsible for the problem alone. 2. SUPPOSEDLY, The President knew how to fix it, then came up with the excuse."Well, I underestimated the problem)...but as I said...things SEEM to be improving, let's hope they stay that way :)

THE thing that The President has done that is COMPLETELY unexeptable, immoral, if not traitorous is his handling of the killing of Obama Bin Ladin AFTER the operation was carried out. Within TWO DAYS of the operation, he released the FULL OPERATIONAL DETAILS of the raid...I'm almost stunned he didn't give the mission members names...the damage this has done to our special operations and intelligence communities is tremendous. 1. It lets the opposition (any opposition) have a better idea how we opereate, putting our SOF operaters at even greater risk than they already are(which MANY times is beyond deadly). 2. It's made the already extremely difficult task of recruiting assets (local people, or inside informants) that much harder, if not impossible for the foreseeable future. The doctor who gave us the information for that raid has been given 66 years in a Pakistani prison (which believe me, will be a life sentence). Why would anyone in that region (or any other trust our intelligence community now?). There is much more I could say on this subject,but this is already running long. Ask this question. WHY did The President release this information (btw, some of the first people he released the information to was a collection of Hollywood actors and producers with the idea of making the raid into a movie...whhiiiiccchhh they did)? To assist in National Security? I think I've just illustrated that couldn't be the case, I was just a SGT in the Army....I'm SURE he had Military and Intelligence advisors telling him this was a bad idea. To make US Citizens feel better? Bin Ladin was already dead, did they NEED to know the details of the mission badly enough to risk our military and intelligence personnel? Or....was it for political and/or personal gain? You be the judge, and you might see why I feel coforatable using the term "the lesser of two evils" and have a big problem seeing him represented as a super hero.

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@Rogan2112: In regards to our conversation about whether or not Obama is the lesser of two evil, but you neglect to add that the Republican controlled congress deliberately sought to avoid fixing the economy in order to sabotage Obama's presidency. The economy might be doing better if they had put the economic health of the country before their petty political ambitions. Yes it's true that the congress was under the control of the democrats during the Bush administration and that they failed to stand up to Bush's irresponsible policies, but your point is moot because Obama wasn't in the congress. You can't blame then Senator Obama for congresses failures. In addition, during that time period Bush used fear of terrorism to hold many politicians hostage. Any politician who stood up to Bush's irresponsible policies was labeled a traitor. The political climate was really charged at the time and this was done deliberately by the Bush administration to distract the american pubic so he could get away with alot of the abuses we saw like starting a war in Iraq, increasing the deficit, etc. The politically charged climate doesn't excuse the democrats failure to protect American interests, but I do sympathize with them because of the political pressure they were under. One of the things that makes Obama such a great president is because he changed the political climate, doing away with the fear mongering tactics that the Bush administration used. To me, that in itself is a big deal.

@Rogan2112 said:

THE thing that The President has done that is COMPLETELY unexeptable, immoral, if not traitorous is his handling of the killing of Obama Bin Ladin AFTER the operation was carried out.

lol, "Obama" Bin Ladin? Freudian slip?

While I assume it was just a typo, I thought the two pics were two appropriate examples of negative political commentary, which reflect our discussion.

Anyway, calling the release of the operational details of the Osama bin Laden raid "COMPLETELY unacceptable, "immoral", and "traitorous" is a bit of a stretch don't you think. I think you are seriously exaggerating the quality of "operational details" revealed to the public. Technically a helicopter crashed during the mission so it was more then likely that sooner or later the Obama administration would have to make some disclosure about the mission. The Obama administration simply got in front of the story before it took on a life of its own. I mean the republicans are constantly in a perpetual witch hunt looking for any reason to discredit the president so given the opportunity they would have held some type of inquiry forcing certain details to come to light had the administration not taken the initiative. And I sincerely doubt that the administration revealed anything that would compromise national security and I don't think that they revealed significant tactical info. If anything some of the soldiers involved in the mission were responsible for doing that when the revealed said data in subsequent books written on the mission. Besides, all any enemy who wants to know how we operate has to do is pick up a video game (I.e. recent release of Medal of Honor Warfighter game). Also, you forget Obama ran on a platform of trying to make government more transparent. I'm sure gaining political capital was one of the reasons he made the decision to reveal the info he did, but to me he has every right to benefit from his decision. So your saying if the mission fails it's ok for him to take the blame, but if it's a success Obama (and the soldiers) deserves no credit? Besides, considering all the negative press he was getting from the heated opposition of the tea party, opposition to health care, opposition from the republicans, and the economy; he needed the political capital to get anything done and get re- elected obviously. Why is it that a sports player can be called a hero, yet calling a politician a hero is in unfathomable? Superheroes save people and to me Obama saved america from being held hostage by a fear mongering political climate, saved america from Romney's policies, saved the USA from the damage another republican administration (both Romney's and McCains) would have done to the economy ( and yes they would have found new ways to hurt the economy like extending the war in Iraq and increasing the deficit), saved USA by mending america's relationship with their foreign allies, took the next big step in promoting equality by showing the world that even a minority with a muslim name can live the American dream in the USA, etc.

As for McCain, risking your life is one form of heroism, but it's not the only form of heroism.

To me even George Bush senior was a superhero of sorts. I was really young at the time, but I remember the sense of pride I felt when the USA went in and saved Kuwait from Iraq. I know it was done to keep oil costs stable, but to me it was still heroic. In contrast Bush junior was like a villain as illustrated by the Star Wars franchise (I.e. Chancellor Palpatine aka Senator Palpatine)