haydenclaireheroes's Earth 2 #1 - The Price of Victory review

A New Universe that is not afraid to risks

Here is my video review for Earth 2 issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video reivew in the comments below:

Posted by Omega-Man

Killing off three main characters isn't new nor is it a risk, they did it in pre 52 Earth 2 Superman Batman and WW of Earth 2 is NOT new they died a few years back also. And it's not the fact they killed em off it was the way they were killed that spoiled this book for me.

But hey your review your opinion.

This comic still sucks I took mine back and got a refund.

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    Ok where do I start with this book? I actually had high hopes I liked the looks of Wonder Woman and Superman I still didn't like Batman's look in this, sure I know it wasn't the typical Superman Batman and WW book it was all Earth 2 heroes and so on....BBUUTTT as I read this book it was going good I liked the pacing and I loved the art and so on. It was the result of this that I hated. I know alot of reviewers like this book but me? the start was good the ending was bad...REALLLYYY Bad!!!There a...

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