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If you guys haven't seen it posted somewhere on Comicvine or elsewhere, Steve Garcia uploaded a ton of DC character silhouettes on his instagram accompanied with a one-word description:

The one he chose for Nightwing was "Trust". I think it's a good one, although, there are many other words I can think of that describe Dick Grayson. So, here's a question for you NW fans. If you could describe Nigthwing with one word only, what word would it be? Don't worry about repeating anything chosen by SG in his images, just pick the first/best word that comes to mind.

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Loyalty, Mercy? I guess love Nightwing don't know if those ones are good...

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- Hopeful.

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Trust was used I believe to reference Joker's bit in DotF where he talks about it being Dick's major weakness.

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Bad-ass-inspirational-perserverant-leader-full-of-awesomeness!!! With all the hyphens technically it's one word.

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