serberus08's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 - Part III: The Ex-X-Men review


I do reveal some things in this write-up, but if you are reading this for insight to buy into this series, my advice is: don't, just save your 12 bucks.

Wow, so in every other review I rip this series pretty hard. In this we find Deadpool, who is still serious in his conquest to kill the X-men. A problem that I have with this series is there is absolutely no lead up to bigger character fights. It just teevo's forward to a few panels of a super-powered corpse. Magneto is the reference in question this issue. I don't understand how a guy, who's whole apparatus and weapon's cache is about 90% beats a man who can manipulate magnetic charges, all derived from the earths core - although Lime flavored Jello proved me wrong. And with Doctor Strange, although I don't care for him at all, he still should have a huge impact on a bipolar with a switchblade.

Another problem I have is that two people with healing factors fall someone with one, Deadpool is slower and less cool then X-23 and Daken, respectively. I also think it ironic that deadpool says that Wolverine's power isn't healing (from which deadpool got his) but popularity (again, despite the fact that Wolverine: Origins was a horrible movie, Deadpool through Ryan Reynolds became a fan favrite. DP fans, seriously, you know this is true).

One positive was that Deadpool is wearing Beast as a pelt, showing much needed humor which this desperately needs.

My hope for this series is still alive however, the Silver Surfer has not been introduced and space punisher with his firecracker ass can still come in and help out Deadpool,

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