matkrenz's Deadpool #27 - I'm Your Man Part 1 review


This is the 27th issue of Deadpool.

The Story:We start the issue with Deadpool tying to convince a gas station owner to give him micro-wave burritos with gold but refuses.Then a bunch of mercenaries appear and start fighting.When Deadpool goes into the gas stations basement and seees that the owner has a lot of weapons and says that this is strereotypical and racist since the owner is Middle Eastern wich means that he is a terrorist.Then the other mercs come in and fight again and after asking who trhe actual terrorist is here the Scret Avengers (Steve,Black Widow and Moon Knight) come and says that there all terrorists.When Steve punches Deadpool out we have a flashback of 25 years ago when Wade was a kid and says he wants to be like Captain America when he grows up but his dad says he should keep dreaming.After taking out the other mercs the Secret Avengers tries to go get trough the door were the owner is but he gets into a mech and reveals he is the terrorist but Deadpool kills him and says he knew it all along and the issue ends with Steve asking DP if he wants to join the Secret Avengers. 
The Good:I can say that the action in this issue is extremely entertaining and well drawn by Carlo Barberi.The jokes were pretty good and never fell flat to me.Also it was nice to see Steve acting bad-ass. 
The Bad:The whole back and forth with the gas station owner being a terrorist was predictable unless it was on purpose to do it this way.Also i did not like how Carlo pencilled Black Widow since i doubt that Natasha would show off so much cleavage.His art is definitely to cartoonie for Moon Kinght and i couldn't take him seriously.Because just like Batman his art works better if it's dark and gritty.Also how old is Steve supposed to be here exactly ?Since Wade's flashback was 25 years ago and i remember from that one issue of Cable and Deadpool when DP and Bob were in WWII,met Cap and Bucky and were suprised that he was only in his 20's and i assume he was the same age when he got frozen wich would place in his 40's instead of being in his 30's.Finally Steve saw Deadpool killing the owner and wants him to be on the team ?This doesn't sound like the Steve Rogers we all know. 
The Verdict:All in all this was and average issue with a lot of problems that to me took away from enjoying this issue that essentially amounts to a lot of violence.So this issue is a maybe to buy.


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