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Imagine having to avoid being killed by  your own son. Then try to see yourself  teaming up with this same progeny in order to destroy a empire. After that you have to picture an old aged guy removing this son´s essence. What could come up from that? Revenge! And that´s what this excellent, interesting and entertaining comic book is all about: Daken´s revenge from Wolverine, who has stopped him from becoming Romulus´heir and for breaking his muramasa´s claws. This is a story about a man so filled with revenge that he has made a pact with the devil himself so that Logan could go to hell. Can the devil trust Daken? We don´t know. What´s Daken´s true agenda? We don´t know. Is Daken meeting his dad in hell? Maybe next issue. This arc story is very promising (I like short arc stories) and Camuncoli´s art together with the exciting dialogues of Daniel Way (specially all the sexy talk between Mystique and Daken) are the best parts of this issue. The bad things is that last I´ve checked Mystique was with Logan´s girl and the Ghost Riders (Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze), so there´s no way she could be flirting with Daken (unless this story is set in an earlier moment than Wolverine # 2, what I don´t think is the case), also the flaming Logan, although it was very cool (including the cover, awesome art), it only served to add more questions than answers: so now the Devil can use a variety of Logans: a hooded one and a flaming one? This demands good answers. Overall this was a great book, with interesting dialogues and beautiful art that deserves to be in your collection.
4 out 5


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