Cyclops: Leader of the Avergers

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Since X-Men and the Avengers had truce went all buddy buddy to form a super group called the Uncanny Avengers aka (Mutants being part of the Avengers besides Wolverine).

This got me thinking,

What if Cyclops was the leader of the Avengers instead of the X-Men?

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Cyclops would not have to worry much about mutant and human relationships and with his combat knowledge and leadership abilities he could be a great leader for the avengers. But most of the Avengers would still be ticked off at Cyclops so I wouldn't think many of the current roster would like him as the leader.

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Ehhh. May as well make Magneto leader of the Avengers then. Wolverine was a hard enough sell as a member, to put a guy the public perceives as a mutant supremacist in the leadership slot would be pretty absurd. Like, Norman Osborn absurd. Oh wait.

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Well he'd have to get over himself first. Some of the more friendly/familiar/open-minded Avengers could work with him. But I doubt he'd be willing.

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never, Cause he's the freakin leader of the X-men

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never, Cause he's the freakin leader of the X-men

You know that was a rhetorical question right?

Never meant that literally.

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ignoring current plot lines and just placing him in the leadership position of the honestly wouldn't be that different overall. Scott and Cap are both top notch field leaders, both generally avoid killing when at all possible, and in general are a lot more alike than the two think.

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