cavemold's Bloodshot #7 review

Alone Solider

The Good: A perfect jump on issue for any new reader, it wake of the Harbinger Wars up coming it makes sense to get bloodshot a .1 issue basically. The cover is pretty awesome i must say. The interior are well rounded. The action is always there of course! The story of bloodshot and how sick a government can be to a somebody is all here. The opening pages rings true to what war is all about for soldiers. What is their motivation to fight? If you read issue 5 the cliff hanger at the end is pretty interesting. psst the the guy on cover 5 is there..

The bad: Some of the panels werent as great as the first couple of pages.I did see the need for the girl harbinger, didnt say too much. It was nice foreshadowing but wasnt really necessary.

The BLOODY VERDICT: Need a jumping on point! Here you go! Perfect origin issue , if you been reading this book since issue 1 you'll still like the in detail origin as well. i think.. GET IT OR BLOODSHOT WILL GIVE YOU A BLOODY NOSE.

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