gustavoburciaga1's Batman #23.4 - Dark Destiny review

Blind Sighted

Spoiler alert!

I won't do a full on review of everything just a certain part. Before Bane brakes the back of a man his daughter walks into the room. Bane then ask the man if he thinks he'll take mercy on him because his daughter is there. The man begs blah blah blah. The what happened after was quite shocking! The young daughter no more than 8 years (give or take) states that she's there too watch. The man was abusive to his wife and child and deserved no mercy. With that said Bane brakes the man. The young girl turns to bane and gives him a rose and thanks him for what he's done. Bane then back hands the little girl telling her never to touch him again. He didn't kill her or anything but it was enough to at least injur her. As Bane is sailing to Gotham city he reaches into his pocket and takes out the flower he recieved from the girl and stares at it in a reflective manner.

This scene really made me think, perhaps Bane isn't completely evil and may have some good in him.

This issue will be tying into Forever Evil: Arkham War. If you choose to fallow it.


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