First Batgirl Arc is Over - How does DC do trades?

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So the first arc of Batgirl is over. How does DC tend to collect trades? I ask because I have way too many comics on my pull list so I need to start dropping them. I prefer to do that on an arc end so that I don't end up wasting money on the monthlies or miss issues when the trades come out. So I want to continue reading Batgirl (2011), I just can't do it monthly.

So far I've seen Scott Snyder's Batman for the past year in what looks like it's collecting a few arcs and Gotham City Sirens which seemed to collect approximately every five issues. Any advice?


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i would just check sites for the release dates

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5 stories in one trade would not be such a value for money though.. not sure how they are gonna do it

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On a second note it could be more issues in one. Even though one tiny story ended in #4, the entry of Barbara's mother in this issue leaves it disconnected. So the trade, i believe will have more than 5. Maybe they'll have the trade called "Batgirl Rising" or something like that...just my guess..

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