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k so lemme get this out of the way. i very much dislike Marvel NOW! i really feel like it's what DC did with The New 52 because they were sorta getting beat by Marvel, by popularity and money (and let's face it aqua man is a joke). by rebooting the entire company it gave new readers a chance to start from scratch. but marvel NOW! felt weird and a little useless. i rather have them get new writers for their current comic series' but this and the new deadpool story really convinced me that there is still hope.


thus issue was supposed to do one thing and one thing only: introduce the new Avengers team, and set the tone for the new series. and did it do good in it? HELL YEA. it made a good beginning, set the plot for the next few issues, and introduced like 12 new avengers, and got me really exited for issue 2. also the plot was very interesting and compelling and kinda shown that stark and cap have gone a long way from Civil war. it felt like a great intro to a story because we didn't need any origin stories we just got what we needed: the avengers.


was there anything really bad? well it felt short. i read it in about 3 minutes. yea comics usually take that long to read but this time if actually FELT short. also i feel like since deadpool became a small part of avengers in Deadpool Marvel NOW #1, i feel like he should pay a small role. but it's alright i'll get over it. also with spider-man in the mix will be amazing spidey or the superior one? ( just read ASM #700 already) and at one moment this would be happening, then the next [panel this, then next that, and it felt like a summary for a long Avengers comic made into a comic. do i hate it? no. i just have to nit pick once and a while.


i would deffinetly pick this up. and if your gonna buy a cover get the variant one with deadpool doing gangam style. just look at it:

so in the end i'd but Avengers #1. it was well worth the money and is an intro to a great new seires


8/10 or 4/5

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