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UPDATE: Doctor Who Air Date

American and UK dates announced

Matt Smith
According to CinemaBlend, Matt Smith, who took over the Doctor spot from David Tennant, will be filling the shoes as the Doctor in just a few months.

British fans of Doctor Who now know that they can catch Matt Smith's first adventure as The Doctor on Saturday, April 3

 As always, the Americans will have to wait a little bit longer. But when? BBC America, who will be hosting the show, has yet to announce even a "guesstamation" of when the episodes will appear in America. One thing that CinemaBlend commented on is the fact that many Americans have to take to less legal methods to watch the show after it's premiere across the pond. 
Many American Doctor Who fans are impatient, but loyal. Yeah, they may find a sketchy way to watch the episodes, but they'll still watch the premiere on BBC America, and many of those people will still buy the DVDs, but that still doesn't make it right. Why not have the episode air in the States the day after or even the week after? Being one week behind, instead of a month or two, isn't that bad. There's nothing worse than hearing from your buddy in Essex, that this weeks episode was amazing, then having to wait a month to see it. 
So what will BBC America do? Episode 1 of the technically 5th season airs Saturday, April 3rd. So will it air in America the 4th? The 10th? The 11th? Or a month later. To all the Brits reading this we're envious of you.... 
What do you guys think? Excited for the new season? Can't wait? 


  BBC America just announced that... well... here ya go:

  BBC AMERICA announced today that the new era of the BBC’s iconic BAFTA-winning drama, Doctor Who, will make its U.S. premiere on Saturday, April 17, 2010, soon after the UK broadcast.

America has a premiere date! WOO WHO! American Who fans rejoice! We only have to wait two weeks this season! Hopefully, we can all deal with that.
Now who's excited?!
~Mat Elfring (InferiorEgo) is a comedian, comic store employee, teacher, comic book writer, and HUGE Doctor Who fan~
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Posted by darkestknight2.0--defunct

ha im fom newcastle so i get to see it first

Posted by Sovereign Son

Im still on the fence about the new series but have my figners crossed.

Posted by grufaine

I just hope we get it before May...   I'm jittery with anticipation. 

Posted by Art Penwright

I have high hopes, but I do wonder why they take so long getting over here. I mean it's already in English no need to translate (though to be honest sometimes subtitles would be nice.)

Posted by leokearon

Can't wait, Steve is a better writter than Russell, and Matt does look like a good Doctor still just over a month to find out...
Posted by Darkchild

Envious doesnt begin to explain it

Posted by inferiorego

UPDATE: American premiere announced. See above!

Posted by Chane

Bring it on!

Posted by Misk14


Posted by Lawton

Really can't wait. I'd love another series of Torchwood too. Gods, I loved that show.

Posted by Jake Malcom

BADASS now im happy

Posted by grufaine

YEAH! =D  Jubilation! 

Posted by Constantine

sweet april 3rd it is :D

Posted by xerox_kitty

It's not even aired yet, and the first volume of Series 5 is already available to pre-order: On DVD & Blu-Ray.