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The Entire Image Universe Will Unite In March

Get ready for Image United: Interlude!

Today the second issue of Image United is released.  It's been announced that it has already sold out at Diamond so you'd better get to your local comic shop today to pick up a copy.  Image has also announced that the entire Image Universe will...unite in March's Image United: Interlude.
The effects of Image United will go global and we'll get a glimpse of the crossover's impact on Invincible and many other Image Comics characters in this one-shot.

"As the scope of IMAGE UNITED became larger and larger, it was apparent we would really need to touch on what the rest of the Image universe is up to," IMAGE UNITED writer Robert Kirkman said. "The goal behind the mini-series is to create an even tighter Image universe than ever before, so not only do we get to see how this affects Image founder characters like SPAWN, YOUNGBLOOD and SAVAGE DRAGON, but we're bringing in INVINCIBLE, among many other surprises." 

Image United: Interlude will pick up immediately after the cataclysmic events of Image United #3.  As the entire world reels from that issue's devastation, Invincible leads the charge with a pantheon of Image's finest.  The book will be illustrated by Ryan Ottley as well as many other artists.  The complete cast of characters and creators will be announced over the coming weeks.
Image United: Interlude will be a 32-page full color book with a $3.99 price tag.  It will be on sale on March 31, 2010.
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Posted by The_Martian

INVINCIBLE! I miss reading that series.

Posted by danhimself

Glad to see Invincible involved in the crossover.  It was the only Image title I read before the crossover started.

Posted by drawme

I love Image United. Always great to hear some news related to this topic.

Posted by JLAsuperdude

Never read an image comic except the return of shadowhawk ( i think it was called that...) on my iphone. I read DC and a little of Marvel.
Posted by Man of Lengend

number 2 was good i like the series
Posted by XXXStone

Man the last one I read was the paperback that led up to Invincible changing his costume.  When did it change back? I really gotta get back into Invincible it was one of my favorite comics. I might just pick this up.
Posted by Dr. Detfink

I love the fact image silhouette the Pitt character created by Dale Keown. I mean, c'mon it hasn't been THAT long...though I wonder has Dale gotten much work since that title went belly up?

Posted by G-Man
Staff Online
Posted by Dr. Detfink
@G-Man: Nice! Thanks G-man.
Posted by skaarason

invincible , batman and robin are a must !!!!!! 

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Bob Agent of Hydra? :p

Posted by negamegas

Fawk yes! :D
Posted by Grim
@Dr. Detfink: Each character in Image United is drawn by their own creator/original artist (or one of their most popular artist). I'm pretty sure the only reason those guys are all   silhouettes is because the cover shown is only Ottley's art, and everyone else in the back is just sketched at the moment until they can be sent to their respective colorist.  
 it hasnt yet, but it will be soon. they have been talking about it for a couple of months now. I think it might be in issue #70 (#69 came out today). 
im sooo hyped about this. I cant even remember what they where about, but i used to love reading Supreme and Youngblood. and i remember reading Savage Dragon because there was a big controversy about its nipple content. And Invincible is COMPLETELY changing the way i see comics (stoopid sexy Kirkman). 
 i skimmed over 1&2 today buy didnt buy them BECAUSE Invincible wasnt in them, and i figured i could wait for the trade. But if he will be, im gonna have to go back 2morrow and grab those bad boys.
Posted by Obsurity

I bought both issues I skimmed through em. I just can't get into the series. Although I'm curious to see why/how Al Simmons became the ruler of Hell or whatever.
Posted by Marshal Victory

so image is finaly becomeing what the founders wanted .shame some titles were lost when wildstorm went to dc.
Posted by crazed_h3ro
@G-Man said:
" @Dr. Detfink: Pitt is in the middle of a crossover with the Darkness.


I had a feeling it was the Pitt. he's finally geting into an event in 10 years!!  YEA!!
Posted by goldenkey

such great characters, but such shitty writers. 
Posted by Yung ANcient One

U guys think 
  will show UP?
i wanna read but my comic book store only sales DC and Marvel.... AHHHH
im missing the Crossover...

Posted by Albatorak

IMAGE COMICS - 20 years and still the same disrespect for readers! What about IMAGE UNITED parts 4 to 6??? No mention at all during ImageExpo, or now... No one is asking them to come out and openly admit that they cancelled the remaining issues. It does not matter if you liked 0 to 3 or not, you should still be pissed about the cancelled last issues. And even more pissed that they did not bother making a public statement confirming the cancellation due to poor sales. Poor sales due to a lack of effort and delays in shipping schedule. This project deserve to be completed even if they can only sell 7-10M issues of the last 3 chapters, just out of respect for the fans who helped them become what they are today.