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SXSW Interview: Kristin Vincent on ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN All Ages Infinite Comics

Find out about the new series using the Infinite Comics format that everyone can enjoy.

The availability of 'All Ages' comics is important in allowing young and old readers to enjoy the medium. Marvel's Infinite Comics format takes the idea of digital comics to a different level. Today at SXSW, Marvel announced a new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN all ages Infinite Comic series. This marks the first all ages series and will be based on the animated series. It will debut later this year first in English and then later will be translated to ten additional languages.

It was also announced that Marvel Unlimited would have a new feature called Adaptive Audio that will enhance the reading experience.

We had the chance to ask Kristin Vincent, VP, Digital Products, and Joe Taraborrelli, Sr. Communications Manager, about the upcoming series.

COMIC VINE Can you tell us how often this series will be released? Weekly? Monthly?

KRISTIN VINCENT: Rolling out over time. We're still figuring out the schedule.

CV: The "All Ages" market is sometimes overlooked. Can we expect to see more all ages Infinite Comics based on the success of this series?

KV: We hope so. The goal is to start with Ultimate Spider-Man, because he's a character kids know and love from the animated series on Disney XD, and he resonates with kids all around the world because they call can imagine themselves wearing the suit.

CV: Some big (and exciting) writers are lined up for this. Can we expect original stories, ones based on episodes, or both?

JOE TARABORRELLI: Original stories but based on existing USM characters!

CV: How does the production time on one issue compared to a standard comic?

JT: It’s a different beast all together, but it’s probably roughly about half the time, since the content for one chapter is about half the size. Of course since there’s no printer to get these to, getting the final story into your hands is almost immediate.

CV: Do Infinite Comics ever make it to Marvel Unlimited?

KV: Stay tuned. :)

CV: In regards to the Adaptive Audio for Marvel Unlimited, how many titles will this be featured on? Moving forward, will it be select issues that feature it?

KV: We're starting with 6 comics from Ed Brubaker's Captain America. Initially we'll make Captain America #8 free and available to anyone who wants to experience it. The remaining 5 will be available to Marvel Unlimited members only. However, throughout March people can sign up for a month of MU membership for only 99 cents, cheaper than a cup o' joe. As far as future issues, we're not announcing more at this time, but watch this space!

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Jack-O-Lantern looks pretty badass.

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I just really love the fact Marvel is making all ages Infinite Comics. Just because they're "all age" doesn't have to mean for kids only. We do need more comics for the younger readers as well.

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