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SDCC 2014: DC Collectibles

Check out these close up pics of what DC Collectibles has coming out soon.

The following will both excite and sadden you. DC Collectibles had a pre-SDCC event for press where we got to see up close what they have coming out. There is so much to love here and you'll want them all. That's where the sad part comes in. You'll probably need to get a second job in order to buy everything.

DC Comics Bombshells

Lois Lane. August 2015

Mera. May 2015

Hawkgirl. February 2015

Zatanna. (tba)

They also had some cookies. These won't be headed to a store near you.

Batman: The Animated Series

Series 1 (November 2014)

Series 2 (December 2014)

Series 3 (March 2015)

There will also be a Creeper figure and a Tim Drake Robin.

Series 4 (July 2015)

DC Comics Designer Series by Greg Capullo. February 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight. March 2015

DC Collectibles Fan Favorite Online Poll--New 52 Poison Ivy. June 2015

Arrow (TV). February through May 2015

Superman statues (Sean "Cheeks" Galloway and Gary Frank)

Batman: Black & White by Francis Manapul. February 2015

Shazam! statue (tba)

No, it doesn't light up.

Wonder Woman: Art of War statue by Cliff Chiang. February 2015

DC Comics Covergirls--Vixen. April 2015

Scribblenauts Series 4. September 2014

DC Comics wood figures. December 2014

DC Nation Deadman & Crow plush 2-pack. October 2014


Forgot the mention the secret items. They're not really a secret. Photographs weren't allowed. You can also look forward to the following:

New 52 Joker, Harley Quinn, and John Stewart (June 2015). Harley Quinn Cover Girls statue (June 2015). Mother Box replica (July 2015). Art of War Wonder Woman statue by David Finch (June 2015). Jae Lee Designer Series BATMAN/SUPERMAN figures (July 2015).

Now comes the hard part. Which were your favorites?

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Posted by scouts1998

August 2015!

That's a while away much

Posted by longbowhunter

I've been dropping hints to my girlfriend about the Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman statue. That Deadman plush is mine. Kinda disappointed to see Poison Ivy win the online poll. I voted for Frankenstein.

Posted by Surza7

The ones I am interested in are The Animated Series ones,and The New 52 Zero Year Batman ;o

Posted by longbowhunter

Also kinda weird to see a Vixen statue. Has she shown up in the New 52 yet?

Posted by Perfect 10

why does vixen have corn rolls??? sigh gotta take what i can get i guess. hope this means they are going to do something with her in the future, she's been gone waaaay too long, like jean grey long

Posted by Perfect 10

@longbowhunter: yeap back in the begining in justice league international. when they got rid of that book they sadly got rid of her too

Edited by RustyRoy

Mera looks like Poison Ivy.

Edited by Jakkoaks

I Need that scribblenauts Batman Beyond ! also zero year batman looks cool (so does Gordon but he needs glasses )

Edited by G-Man

I updated the original post. Forgot to mention the items we weren't allowed to take pics of. We can talk about them.

Edited by The_Tree

I've always wanted a Mother Box.

Posted by RisingBean

Some of this stuff looks like it wants to take my money.

Posted by Ostyo

Need dat Mera...

Posted by BruceWayne19

Can't wait for the capullo characters, love Mera and hawk girl, but as a guy who hates Louis lane I also hate her bombshell.

Posted by baneofdemon22

July 2015! That's a long way to wait, but I have to have that original TAS Batman! I want all the original TAS line up, and the TNBA versions of Bane, Scarecrow, and Tim Drake.

Posted by thebearking

Why is it so hard to get a good Zatana statue?

Posted by SpitfirePanda

I want the Deadman plushie.

Posted by mattitude22

i did too Frankenstein would have been awesome for sure

Edited by longbowhunter

I'm starting to get the feeling I'll never get a New 52 Animal Man figure.

Posted by wtk1013

@perfect_10: I hope she will be used a lot more in the New 52 too! I actually love the new design lol.That character has a lot of potential.

Posted by wtk1013

@longbowhunter: Yes, in JLI, hopefully this means she will show up a lot more too.

Posted by judasnixon

Gimme that Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman.....

Edited by SynCig

I need all of those BTAS figures in my life right now. That Wonder Woman: Art of War statue will one day be mine. Plus, I really like those bombshell statues. DC collectibles always knocks it out of the park.

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Those Arkham Knight figures look great overall. And look much better than the initial promo pics.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Is that Smallville Wonder Woman?

You guys know they've released a statue for Ben Affleck Batman?

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I need those Greg Capullo figures! Also, Jae Lee designer Superman/Batman figures sound awesome.

Posted by dreamfall31

Probably gonna get all those Animated Series figs. That and most of the Capullo stuff. Batman from Arkham Knight looks really out of proportion.

Posted by RoTheKid

Wow! These are all so very cool!! Those Batman: The Animated Series toys look cool, the Arkham Knight figures as well, the DC females, along with the Vixen statue are all must owns! And the Arrow figures are really awesome as well! Thanks for the pics! :)

Edited by longbowhunter

Anybody else think the Shazam statue looks a bit like Thomas Jane?

Posted by Jayso4201

Too cool

Edited by MK5

I get the newsboy look they're giving Lois Lane, but I don't like her face. She would have looked better with a closed smile, proud of her headlines. She reminded me of this Woody:

I love the Batman Animated figures!

Posted by mak13131313

So many I wants!

Posted by comedy_brosUSA

august 2015???? why don't they just announce it at next year's comic-con

Posted by TheTrueArturoKayvee

A lot of really cool stuff there.

Posted by WheatStalker

Wait, so what figures not pictured can we talk about. Reveal, reveal!

Can you do Hasbro Star Wars next ... I just managed to get a pre-order on the Black Series Prototype-Armor Boba Fett, which I understand is there. Would like to know how unbelievably cool it is in person. :)

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Arrow and that Vixen. Also those woodens look pretty nice for the kids.

Posted by Zeeguy91

@longbowhunter: yeah. She was in Justice League International. Nothing since then though. At least, not to my knowledge.

Posted by Dabee

Jae Lee Designer Series BATMAN/SUPERMAN figures (July 2015).

This should look pretty cool.

Posted by longbowhunter

@wtk1013: @perfect_10: Vixen is a cool character. Great back story, great power set. I enjoyed her in the old Suicide Squad series and when she was on the Justice League several years back. Hope to see her pop back up soon.

Posted by Ms-Lola

When I become rich, I will own all of these. All of them.

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

I'm not big on collecting statues or figures anymore because it's hard for me to justify the expense. However, I'd love to have all the Batman-themed ones on here. All of these look really cool though!

Posted by TheBlondeGod

Someday, they'll all be standing on my book racks. :D

Posted by Jean_Dezem

Wonder Woman and Vixen are pretty fabulous ♥♥

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

I like the Lois Lane Bombshell and those BTAS figures look nice though I wonder how Two-Face would stand without the base. Also I love the Greg Capullo figures! That is one of the coolest things ever! And they have Beast Boy and Constantine Scribblenauts!

Posted by MysteriousBlack

I like the figures--although I'm not too fond of the Bombshells line. Everything else is fantastic though.

Posted by Divine_Disorder

How come no prices? Is it against the rules to post them or something?

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

That Deadman plush is pretty neat. Also dig the Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman.

Posted by War Killer

I seriously want that Zero Year Batman figure. Already ordered the New 52 Batman figure based on Greg Capullo's art. Can't wait to add his Zero Year version as well!!! ^__^

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