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I'd want Tony Stark to be a Skrull

If only...
I used to really really like Iron Man.  He was a cool character.  He was flawed.  He had his drinking problem but he overcame it.  He lost his entire fortune and company.  He overcame that too.  He continued to build kick ass armor and had some cool adventures.

Then something started to change.  First he reveals his identity to the world.  Part of his appeal was that Iron Man was an employee of Stark Enterprises and Tony's bodyguard.  He could even bring in a suit by remote control to make it look like it was legit.

So he reveals his identity.  Then he changes his mind.  I forget exactly (because it was so lame) but he was able to (with some help) psychically erase everyone's memory of his identity.  So it was a secret again. 

But one day he's having lunch.  A dog is out in the street and a car's coming.  Being a hero and all, he jumps out and saves the dog, thus revealing his identity again. 

And how about Civil War?  That's when his title of being a douche came about.  Look at what he did to Peter Parker.  He basically tricked him into "coming out" and helped to endanger the lives of Mary Jane and Aunt May.  So you can say he caused Aunt May to get shot and you can say he's to blame for One More Day/Brand New Day (guess Joe Quesada's off the hook).  Stark can also be blamed for Steve Rogers' death.

So I wish Tony Stark was a Skrull.  The Tony Stark I liked vanished so many years ago and has been replaced with something else. 

Do I think he's a Skrull?  No. 

Do I really want him to be a Skrull?  No.  That'd be too easy.  He has started to redeem himself.  But to get the bad taste out of my mouth, I wouldn't mind if Stark was really a Skrull.
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Posted by Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

Dude.. I agree with you 100% on this.