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The Long and Twisted History

For someone who's only familiarity with Wolverine is what's he's currently up to, and the roster of enemies he fought in the early 90's, this freebie is invaluable. A lot has happened to Wolverine over the last few years, and frankly much of this history had me raising my eyebrows in disbelief at how convoluted some of the storylines were. Also included are the other essential histories of X-23, Daken, and X-force (black ops). This is really an invaluable tool, that next to comicvine, is the handiest way to brush up on your Wolverine. The problem is this is a pretty lengthy read, and I almost felt like this was somehow comic book homework. It's really only necessary if you've been out of the loop, though I doubt you'll need to constantly refer back to this in the near future. Wolverine starting a new book, seems like Marvel's attempt to garner new readers.

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