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The Zuggernaut is an alien entity that merges with host beings, much like the Venom symbiote of the Marvel Universe, granting them fantastic powers as long as they are in contact with it.

The Zuggernaut crash-landed on Earth in the U.S.S.R. and attached itself to a small-time hood named Matvei Rodor, promising him superhuman aid in achieving whatever he desired, in return for being the Zuggernaut's host. He agreed, and their partnership led to repeated encounters with the heroes Pozhar and Firestorm. It has a pathological hatred of both of these heroes as well as of the crooked Russian intelligence agent, Soliony. It also came into brief conflict with the Russian hero Stalnoivolk and super-team Soyuz . Soyuz held Zuggernaut off long enough for Firestorm to arrive. Firestorm blocked a powerblast from Zuggernaut which backfired. The Zuggernaut fled and withdrew from the mortally wounded Rodor. The Zuggernaut allowed Rodor to die for making the symbiote withdraw from his cultural code of combat. The Zuggernaut went to find a new host. 
He has recently battled Mon-El.

Zuggernaut is essentially John Ostrander's DC answer to the monumental success of Marvel's Venom character in the 1980s.

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