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First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz was one of Millennium's elite Werwolf circle, a powerful, strong vampire with great powers of illusion. Her weapon of choice was an immense scythe; while such a weapon normally would require considerable skill to wield to adequately attack and defend, she usually used it in tandem with her illusion powers to entrap victims in illusory worlds and then hacking them to pieces with it, often with great sadism and delight in killing.

During Millennium's invasion of London, Zorin was tasked with one of the armored zeppelins and an assault team, seeking to wipe out Hellsing HQ before the prepared Wild Geese mercenaries could be deployed to defend the city. Zorin, however, lost both the missiles stocked within her zeppelin and the airship itself to the fledging vampire Seras Victoria, equipped with the massive Harkonnen II Field Dominance Weapons System, when, defying orders from the Major, she attacked Hellsing as soon as she could rather than wait for other battallions to aid her efforts; further damage to her battallion would be dealt by the landmines scattered through the manor's gardens by the Geese and the mercenaries themselves, well entrenched in their citadel's walls and armed with specilized weapons against vampires. To counter this, Zorin projected a massive illusion of herself, grown to a titanic size, hacking with her scythe at the mansion. Seras, however, was again able to foil her plan by breaking the illusion. Despite this, Millennium operatives had already breached the minefield and reached Hellsing HQ.

Even though the massive carnage dealt in the building, the Geese put a tremendous resistance, heavily wearing down her battallion. Zorin again intervened, personally killing many of the defenders by luring them into her illusion world and slicing them apart in reality, deriding them with her trademark cruelty. Seras, again, put a valiant effort against Zorin, though the then-stronger vampire prevailed, paralyzing Seras with a far worse illusion, one of her greatest fear, managing to deal her a crippling blow; she then proceeded to brutalize the young Draculina by severing her spine, hacking away her arm and pressing her eyes to her scythe's blade, blinding her with a swipe. Captain Pip Bernadotte managed to get Seras away from Zorin, and convinced her to drink his blood after the Nazi vampire brutally killed him.

Upon doing so, Seras regenerated her eyes and spine, and her arm was recreated as a living mass of darkness, which she could control. Her other powers also sky-rocketed as Alucard's blood within her activated, turning her into a true vampire. She then proceeded to wipe out all of Zorin's men in a single move, and after than moved to Zorin herself. The terrified Zorin, not truly understanding the change that had taken place, could only look in fear and cower as her men were all but shredded; when she herself was attacked, she again attempted to wield her power against Seras. However, instead, she found herself staring at a massive mural in the illusion world, with countless memory shards contained within both Seras and Pip. Unable to focus her power against the two merged souls, she was visited by Schrodinger within the illusion world; he chided her for her defiance of the Major's orders, and then left her at Seras' mercy, refusing her the privilege of dying by having her chip fried, saying the Major and the Doctor were too busy.

Seras then shattered the shards in the illusion-world, confusing Zorin much like she had confused the slain Geese and breaking her power, and then brutally killed Zorin by slamming her face against a wall and running, all the while keeping her face pressed against the wall. This effectively spread Zorin's face all over the walls of Hellsing HQ, spectaculatly killing her until her head was nothing but a bloody stripe of flesh.

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