Zoom's misuse by Writers

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Okay, so apparently the original writer got rid of Zoom because he was mad at other writers mis-using him.  Can't say I disagree, much as I love Zoom, he's right. 
Zoom, is like the Juggernaut.  An all powerful character that is near impossible to stop.  So isn't he the kingpin of villains?  His motivations.  He isn't interested in being a villain, or gaining wealth or power.  He is simply sacrificing himself to build Wally West up to be a better hero.  How did the Nolan batman movies put it?  "You either die as a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." 
Zoom is living proof of that idea. 
But the problem is that other writers tried to just treat him as if he were the same as the previous reverse flash, Professor Zoom.  So they have him joining with other villains (He's a former cop, how would he be able to stand working with them?), being outpaced by other speedsters like Jesse Quick and Bart Allen (By very definition of his powers, that CAN'T HAPPEN.  That's like having a random thug hurt Superman with a regular gun, or seeing someone successfully trying to drown Aquaman.) and trying to "motivate" other heroes (That's not his purpose.  He's not a villainous Dr. Phil, his sole purpose is to bring a little tragedy to Wally, his close friend, in order to make him better.  He has no reason to care about other heroes, he doesn't know them.). 
There is literally no reason for him to interact with other heroes or villains.  But other writers kept showing him as a generic villain, but replacing all his dialogue with "i'm helping you", and not even understanding that he's not actually a speedster.  He's essentially omnipresent within a localized area.
The balance to his apparently unbeatable and all powerful time manipulation was, again, the fact that he was only concerned with being a yin to Wally's yang.  He's just a cop willing to make the tough decision to become the evil that Wally needs to fight.
So it's understandable that the creator of him decided to put him back in the box so others couldn't misuse him.  I just wish he'd be brought back, but be treated RIGHT.
If anyone has any comments/disagreements with this analysis, I'd appreciate any input.

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I like the antivillain zoom. In fact, I didn`t like him before, `cause I thought of him as "yet-again-another reverse-Flash". Now, I know better.

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