Zombies Apocalypse or Xenomorph Contagion... which is worse?

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    Some might say this belongs as a battle, but in truth I don't believe it does because in this idea the zombies and xenomorphs are not fighting one another. Instead this is to determine which cataclysmic infestation would be worse.  In order to determine which is a more terrible worst case scenario. lets look at some general themes relating to each.   
    In the case of a zombie apocalypse, there are a number of causes for such terrible scenarios, but we'll go with the classic example of some kind of viral or bacterial infection that causes the dead to rise.  From that point, the epidemic spreads by zombies biting others, causing panic and ever increasing hysteria until finally civilization collapses when governmental authority and military/security apparatuses fail to address and neutralize the threat.  Zombie apocalypse comes, and its the end of the world.   
    As for the plight of the xenomorph, the epidemic is caused not by the spreading of communicable disease but rather through reproductive efforts.  Life for the xenomorphs begin with the eggs, from which the "facehugger" attaches itself to its host, human or otherwise, and gestates by passing on the reproductive material into the hosts internal cavities.  After a certain amount of time the facehugger falls off the host and dies, allowing gestation to come into full term in the host until the alien is birthed.  Unfortunately we all know this and the terribly gruesome aftermath.  It becomes a contagion in the sense that the "babies" mature into full on adult xenomorph warriors, or even queens.  Warriors round up other "hosts" to be victims of facehugger attacks whereas the queens create more eggs whereby the cycle continues over and over again.  Just like in the case of a zombie apocalypse, civilization is eventually wiped out of existence, and the xenomorphs take control.   
     Both epidemics essentially come at times when civilization seems to reach its apex of greatness and come at times when society has become too large and decadent, much like how the Roman Empire was at the height of its power.  And both zombies and xenomorphs eventually come in to even the balance that society has in its ever incessant war with nature.  And like the barbarian invasions, internal strife, and economic downturns all allied to bring down the greatness that was Rome, so too do zombies and xenomorphs take down the society that they come to infest.    
     Coming to my point, let us assume that either infestation comes to Earth in our modern era of 2011.  Which epidemic would be worse in your opinion, and why? All opinions entertained! 

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@RedheadedAtrocitus:  Xenomorph's  are much worse than zombies. I mean with zombies you still stand somewhat of a chance against them. But a xenomorph is in a completely different league than a zombie. You could hold our own against zombies with a bat or something like that but against an alien you'd need a freaking Predator army to fight the kind of numbers your talking about.
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@Mr. Dead Pool: I do believe you are right, with the only exception being a speed factor.  Quite simply, I could see a zombie apocalypse as being just as bad if the zombies were infected by rage as they were in 28 Days, because not only were they more aggressive but fast too, like almost xenomorph speed fast.  But yes I do agree, I think I'd have far more chances facing the undead than an army of xenomorphs.
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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Oh yeah I forgot about the rage zombies. But the chance of surviving a zombie outbreak: 49%. Chance of surviving an alien outbreak: 12%.
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@spiderbat87: Taking all that common sense into account, I do believe you are right.  Nice article btw.

@Mr. Dead Pool: Right on...and trust me, I'm pretty much with you on that.  And if its a Predalien infestation, God help us all...
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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Xeno's would probably be worse. Xeno's  are physically superior to zombies and I think work more effectively. Ever have a mouse infestation? Annoying as hell to get rid of if left in check. The one big advantage is smarts. Xenomorphs are smart and learn, while most zombies are pretty much below sentience. Aliens can actually plan their attacks. And last, but not least. It's a lot easier to hide hosting a parasite in your chest than a bite on your hand. I mean in the long run its much handier when people lose access to x-rays. With zombies survivors will be checking for bites and blowing infected peoples heads off. Unless they decide to start killing everyone they see they have little to no way of knowing who's chest is going to burst :P
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@thegreatfour: Exactly.  Its why one has to really see the vague but irritably clear sexual symbolism made by xenomorphs.  I mean already the facehugger latching to your face and shoving a xenomorph embryo down your throat is parallel to sexual force/assault.  And absolutely no way of knowing you are even infected until its literally bursting out of your chest...well hell, that smacks of HIV/AIDS in the sense that unless people get themselves checked out immediately, they can go on for decades without even knowing they contracted the life-killing virus.  At least zombies just bite.  But xenos...they f*** ya and then kill ya lol
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@RedheadedAtrocitus: LOL. Zombies kill the Earth. Xenomorphs violate it. :P

Xeno's wouldn't even have to wipe everything out to win. Just be really disturbing.
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@thegreatfour said:
" @RedheadedAtrocitus: LOL. Zombies kill the Earth. Xenomorphs violate it. :PXeno's wouldn't even have to wipe everything out to win. Just be really disturbing. "
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@turoksonofstone: @thegreatfour:   
  That's not disturbing...THIS is disturbing ::chuckles::
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Zombies suck .I mean zombie outbreak would suck ass you can kill zombie without breaking a sweat , and even if a zombie gets you you're alive (kinda)

Xenos : Facehugger facehuggs you then you die with incredible pain and a xenomorph can actually kill humans unlike a zombie.

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Me in a zombie apocalypse: Come get some ya undead screw heads!!!

Me in a Xenomorph outbreak: *Holds gun to head* Game over man. Game over. *Pulls trigger*


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