Zombie Survival Weapon

#151 Posted by Mercy_ (93067 posts) - - Show Bio

iTouch, glass and netflix sleeve.

#152 Posted by Dark_Fang (549 posts) - - Show Bio

Unlimited supply of zombie antivirus? Odd, but yes!
Just kidding. Shaolin Spade!

  Nah. But in all honesty, I do have a baseball bat sort of to my left. And a kitchen knife right next to me.
#153 Posted by Suiken_Seiji (523 posts) - - Show Bio

Sawed of two barrel shot-gun! Boom baby! 
What can I say, I like Mad Max

#154 Posted by _Beastmaster_ (1559 posts) - - Show Bio


#155 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17179 posts) - - Show Bio

not even kidding at all

#156 Posted by _Cain_ (23736 posts) - - Show Bio

a pillow with a vintage nineties power ranger case ....... damn......

#157 Posted by SexualLobster (995 posts) - - Show Bio

my own head :/

#158 Posted by DoomDoomDoom (4281 posts) - - Show Bio

A lamp...$#!t

#159 Posted by battlexlordx (355 posts) - - Show Bio

a lighter and mobile nice is can threaten them with fire while i call for back up.

#160 Posted by Dragoon_Typhoon (57 posts) - - Show Bio

My gf...

#161 Posted by _Beastmaster_ (1559 posts) - - Show Bio


#162 Posted by KingofMadCows (349 posts) - - Show Bio
#163 Posted by venomyak (1532 posts) - - Show Bio

my plans on how to build a deathray YES!!!!

#164 Posted by _Astrid_ (268 posts) - - Show Bio

A morning star, awesome.

#165 Posted by clemj (849 posts) - - Show Bio

a pencil... I can still stick it up a zombie's ass... or not

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