Zombie proof suit?

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Would this protect you from zombies?

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It would provide protection from their bites until they piled on top of you in great numbers making it impossible for you to breath. You would move to slow to escape them.

So the answer is no. It is bite resistant but not completely Zombie-proof.

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pretty sure they could eventually bite though/tear the fabric, and after enough abuse the helmet would start to fall apart.

Nothing is zombie-proof my friend.

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lol i don't think so but a while ago i did write a step by step guide on how to survive a zombie invasion

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That's looks like the ghost from Scubby-Doo 

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@tron_bonne said:
That's looks like the ghost from Scubby-Doo 
You mean Captain Cutler? 
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there's no such thing as a completely zombie proof suit...unless you have access to an Iron Man suit...the best thing you could have imo is a something like dirt bike protective gear over a kevlar body suit....you're still able to move fairly easily but no zombie could bite through kevlar or the armor....but you still have to worry about getting overwhelmed

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