Revolver & Shotgun vs Pistol & Rifle ... Zombie encounter.

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Okay pretty straight forward... What would be better and why?   Zombie outbreak... You are in a Zone of about 10'000 people 40% of whom are infected. Outside of the zoned area is on a controlled lockdown, anything Living or Dead will be shot on sight... Untill the Virus goes stable at 74 hours. Then teams will go through and check for any survivors and kill any Zombie left standing. 
1. Just you ALONE, at the start, would you keep it that way, or look for allies ?
2. You can have either A. Revolver & Shotgun ?  OR  B. Pistol & Rifle ?  (Pick one set)
3. You have to try to survive for 74 hours, what would be you're POA ?  
4. How long would you last ?
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I'd search for allies(actually "search" is the wrong word).. It's a hard choice for the weapons. But I guess I'd go with the revolver and the shotgun. The reason being the shotgun would have a wider spread (assuming I am issued buckshot) and would be ideal for CQB. And I would only engage if there was no other choice. Also you did not specify what type of shotgun. If I had to choose I'd pick a Mossberg 500 JIC II. The revolver would be a S&W Model 629 .44 Mag. My POA would be to find and secure a hideout. Of course I'd need food,water,ammo and med supplies. I would not go out of my way to help people (sorry but I can't take that chance). Also I am assuming our area of operations is suburban. If so there should be small one or two story homes that can be quickly fortified. So my team(if I had one) would be able to hole up there for the next 74. Sorry for being longwinded but I NEVER get tired of zombies. But my wife gets tired of hearing about them,lol! Great topic man!

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