Overused Comic Book Gimmicks: Zombies

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@turoksonofstone said:
Zombies are timeless!
@shackle said:
Better zombies than MFin' vampires.
quoted for truth!
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Yes, we're all Zombie Hipsters, having loved zombies since Romero movies, or perhaps even schlocky 80s stuff like Return of the Living Dead.  Of course Evil Dead and Dead-Alive are more classics, as variations of zombies.  Then there's there's the Italian stuff... voodoo zombies, etc. 
I think the rise of zombie fandom is, oddly enough, related to vampires and Twilight.  No, seriously:  Vampire romance became this whole thing that people loved and Twilight became this huge, mushy hit.   I think what happened is a lot of people turned OFF by dumb vampire stories found zombies to be the anti-Vampires.  far from romantic... gross... mindless... decaying undead. 
Yeah, not just overused in comics eithers.  Overused EVERYWHERE.  I'm sorry, but I personally think Max Brook's "World War Z" novel was... entertaining... but amateurish.  the narrative was uneven and inconsistent,  certain concepts and devices just kept repeating over and over (ok Max, I get it... the human race is EXPLOITATIVE, I get it ... ok... I get it... move ON), and the whole 'format' (a formal written report) is basically a written rip-off of the mockumentary film style, which is yet ANOTHER overused device to begin with. 
then you got Pride and Prejudice zombies?  Really?? Is creativity at such an all time low, that we can now just take already existing works, re-write them and insert zombies wherever we want?   Isn't that what Puff Daddy did w/ Led Zeppelin and The Police?  Ride the coattails of guaranteed successes? Ah yes.   
So Yes.  Zombies... overplayed.  And I am sorely miffed that this blog did not give a shout out to Zombie That Ate The World comics... a wonderful and comical and different presentation altogether. 

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Aside from that, there really isn't a zombie book that is worth the time or money of any comic book reader 

Rotten is AWESOME. zombie's + a cool fun to read western story, that isnt boring the hell out of you with oil companies and rail roads being built = awesome. this doesnt read at all like the usual indie comic book crap, where the stories are asinine and slow paced where a character just walks around a town, that just so happens to be filled with zombies. 
The Last Zombie from antarctic press? Holy shit is that one cool too! 
the problem with zombie stories is they take things like, Toe Tags, start it out really cool, and then phone it in towards the end of the series with outlandish characters that are super powerful talking zombies... if they make it REAL, like walking dead, or believeable like Rotten and Last Zombie then it works beautifully. 
the exception would be Blackest night and Marvel zombies. where, zombies were made "real" for those respective universes. how else could marvel universe be wiped out by zombies if it didnt begin with a superhero? how else could there be a black ring if it didnt bring the entire dc universe back from the dead? I have alot to say i didnt like about blackest night, and it's NOT the zombies.
garbage like ninjas vs zombies, cheerleaders vs zombies, wrestlers vs zombies, pirates vs zombies, etc, it's all the same ridiculously retarded story that appeals to people that think bullshit like "zombie jesus" and "vegan zombies" are hilarious and awesome. with the "_____"vs zombies is interchangable. im not surprised at all when those books dont last very long.  "fail of the dead" that was like a series of short comics, with in a single comic issue, that consisted of "funny" zombie stories.
...and it read like a lame indie comic. im not surprised at all it was only one issue. it was absolute shit. if the price of toilet paper ever went up, im sure if this was on the shelf it'd get some use.
i think that's where the majority of the "played out" feeling comes from. it comes from companies that arent worth their weight in salt, with a piss poor creative team of fans of "snakes on a plane". where, legitimate and few indie companies, that are doing everything they can to NOT be another stupid indie comic company no one will care about are making remarkable stories.

there is more story telling to come from zombies, than there ever will be from vampires and werewolves.

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