If there was a Zombie invasion right now.....

#1 Posted by Alphaproto (409 posts) - - Show Bio

......what would you do? You're just sitting where you are now and then ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!!!  
You have whatever you have with right now and you are where ever you are right now and it just happen. No weapons unless you have one RIGHT NOW, No one is with unless there is someone in the room with you right now, How would deal with all of this?  The Zombies are the "stupid but as fast as they were when they were alive kind".
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So can I not go and get a weapon from my shed or something? I have a clear root to my shed. (Out the window and onto the conservatory roof then the patio.) 

#3 Posted by Kairan1979 (17085 posts) - - Show Bio
not even the knives from the kitchen?
#4 Posted by venomyak (1532 posts) - - Show Bio

Beat those zombies down with a baseball bat

#5 Posted by Githzerai (58 posts) - - Show Bio

Hole myself up in my house, murder anyone who tries to enter.

#6 Posted by hectorsquall (1137 posts) - - Show Bio

@Githzerai said:

Hole myself up in my house, murder anyone who tries to enter.

This! My family is in the house right now. We live in a house difficult to access, surrounded by walls, my brother left a shotgun in the living room (and he isn't home, no big deal because he is a jerk), we have enough food to last at least 3 months and there is 2 malls in the neighborhood :)

#7 Posted by Ms. Omega (4808 posts) - - Show Bio

I am at work in the middle of a major city I am so screwed............. :(

#8 Posted by Onihana (126 posts) - - Show Bio

Well i got the woman zzzzing away. I got a 9mm and 45 in my room with box of each ammo. Would shoot my way to shot gun and real katana and then fight my way to my truck and hit the road.

#9 Posted by Steps (663 posts) - - Show Bio

Thankfully my brother collects swords otherwise my fam would be completely hopeless.

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