Comic Vine News: Zombies ATTACK!

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Posted by No_Name_ (12593 posts) - - Show Bio

Comic Vine gives you the latest news update from the ruins of our studio!


Necrosha, Blackest Night, who can keep track of all the zombie story lines in comics these days? Check out our new weekly segment where we choose some of our favorite news stories from the past week and highlight them on our news show. This week we talk about Hawkman on Smallville, Catwoman, and zombies attack the Comic Vine studio! Will the staff get infected? Will they make it out alive? Will someone tell Babs to drop the awful faux British accent? Please?
#1 Posted by aztek_the_lost (28224 posts) - - Show Bio

 Babs seemed to enjoy firing that gun a little too much..

#2 Posted by reaper2923 (2778 posts) - - Show Bio

Wooo, did I miss some new stuff that you guys added, I've been away.

#3 Posted by Agent Buttons (12411 posts) - - Show Bio

Hurray British accents! :O
#4 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (18976 posts) - - Show Bio


#5 Posted by Agent Buttons (12411 posts) - - Show Bio
#6 Posted by War Killer (20294 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol, Cell's on the news! xD

#7 Posted by FLStyle (365 posts) - - Show Bio

R.I.P. Bunny Babberton, we hardly knew thee. Great stuff!

#8 Posted by crazywolf (625 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL! Zombies and British accents FTW!

#9 Posted by Decept-O (7295 posts) - - Show Bio

LMAO@ Babs putting caps in the a$$es of Zombie G-Man and then Red L.A.M.P.!!    The blood squirting...maybe a bit much for some but I loves it.  
#10 Posted by danhimself (22720 posts) - - Show Bio

nice fake accent Babs

#11 Posted by StrongProtector (42 posts) - - Show Bio

Headshots Babs! Headshots!
#12 Edited by CellphoneGirl (18764 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm in the video!!! (my post) I feel famous already XD

#13 Posted by Stormultt (5227 posts) - - Show Bio

#14 Edited by No_Name_ (12593 posts) - - Show Bio

This was the most hilarious video to film ever!

#15 Posted by kcthree (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Entertaining way to get my news. Please rebuild the CV offices, we need more content like this. 

#16 Posted by ARMIV (3876 posts) - - Show Bio

Sucks that Catwoman isn't returning as a full fledged series.

#17 Posted by Crazy Pan (708 posts) - - Show Bio

Rock on :)! I like this format much better. Much more fun then just regular ol' reviews :D

#18 Posted by Destinyhero20 (377 posts) - - Show Bio

That was so funny. 
R.I.P G-man and Red L.A.M.P    

#19 Posted by G-Man (18922 posts) - - Show Bio

I almost lost an eye for this video.  And that was before the filming even began.

#20 Posted by Grendel (560 posts) - - Show Bio

Babs is becoming the Joel McHale of Comics Vine. Green screen was a great investment.

#21 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3404 posts) - - Show Bio
I'm seriously digging the accent. It sort of reminded me of CNN's Christiane Amanpour. Love how you pronounced "draw".

You have to get them in the head, Babs. Otherwise they wont stay down. That's Zombies 101. As told in the great book, "The Zombie Survival Guide".
Ohhh, I was quoted, and my image joke on Hawkman/Vultan was used. I feel special. =D
Speaking on the topic of the censorship. Often times school districts can have knee jerk reactions (ala zero tolerance policies). The topics of teen smoking and drug use does happen. Lord knows it happened enough in my school. I believe that it's all in the context. Does the comic glorify the action or try to teach a lesson? You can't protect children from an idea or concepts. You can prepare them. What they should of done was make it part of the lessons. Talk about it as a group in class to see what people grasp from it. I believe you do children a disservice by sheltering them from any and all negative input. There is a difference between being scared and being prepared.

I love the humor angle. I watched this three times. I'm certainly going to favorite this story and link on my devArt and facebook page. Keep at it and Bravo!!!
#22 Edited by Comiclove5 (1258 posts) - - Show Bio

Messege to Marvel and DC: MAKE 2010 A NON-ZOMBIE YEAR!!! 
They are really making use of your that english accent you can do.

#23 Posted by NightFang (10274 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol. Nice accent .

#24 Posted by Bruce Vain (1781 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL Oh my
#25 Posted by sora_thekey (8185 posts) - - Show Bio

Babs lost her accent on her last line... but she was on peril from zombies.....
Although the Blood seemed like a bit much.... funny!
Seriously with no disrespect to Babs.... that accent is HOT!
More like these plz!

#26 Posted by SuperCoonce (374 posts) - - Show Bio

omgz - awesome - babs and team -- keep it rockin!

#27 Posted by VernFonk (10 posts) - - Show Bio

awesome accent ! haha.

#28 Posted by Tyler Starke (4230 posts) - - Show Bio

Comicvine got a bigger budget WHOOOOO!

#29 Edited by jakob187 (988 posts) - - Show Bio

Unfortunately, she forgot rule #4 - double tap.  Could've saved you bullets.

#30 Posted by mrrpm01 (172 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll drink a vodka gimlet in remembrance of you guys....FIRST THEY GET HAWKMAN AND HAWKGIRL(which by the way wins my vote for most emotional page of a death EVER!!!) now the zombies got you guys..GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD....

#31 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2547 posts) - - Show Bio

Big props to Daniel and his ability to throw up off camera.

#32 Posted by rouju (159 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope more of things like this, not just Babs using the screen but anyone else also. Really awesome with capital A (wonder how many time it took to make this)

#33 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (84704 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL awesome.

#34 Posted by No_Name_ (12593 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gambler: Thanks! :)
Thanks to everyone else! This was a blast to make! :D
#35 Posted by Kane (20 posts) - - Show Bio
@rouju: We shot it yesterday morning and I was putting in gratuitous gore until about 5 this afternoon.
#36 Posted by Acer (14412 posts) - - Show Bio

Babs - "Oh and it's in colour" Totally broke the accent their lol
Loved the vid, and the accent was alot better than most.

#37 Posted by Fleonix (167 posts) - - Show Bio

jajajajaj this made the comics news so enjoyable........ you guys are great.

#38 Posted by manbunny (19 posts) - - Show Bio

First I thought it was a bit silly, then I loved it! Who would have thought that English lady could shoot so well? Babs must be jealous. 

#39 Posted by chris thompson (815 posts) - - Show Bio
#40 Edited by MysterioMaximus (927 posts) - - Show Bio

Hah! That was awesome, Babs! I remember watching this new show years ago and seeing this anchor named Kitty Pilgrim. I just kept picturing a kitten in big buckle shoes and a pilgrim hat. I don't know why, but I just couldn't stop laughing. And the name so reminds me of that. Very cute! Great job guys. =]
#41 Posted by LFCMANIA (78 posts) - - Show Bio

babs...accent was great - great video...g-man and red l.a.m.p. = legends
#42 Posted by Queen's Halo (2406 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice, best video ever.

#43 Posted by Archetype (731 posts) - - Show Bio

and as always this is tits mc...Archetype saying stay classy Comicvine.
to this day scholars maintain that in norse comicvine translates to the "vine which bareth comical fruits".
surprised no one whipped out an Anchorman reference before me.Great jerb gais!

#44 Posted by Riezner (417 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Big props to Daniel and his ability to throw up off camera. "
It was a tour de force performance, I must say.
#45 Posted by TheOmegaMan (165 posts) - - Show Bio
@Riezner said:
" @Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Big props to Daniel and his ability to throw up off camera. "
It was a tour de force performance, I must say. "

I was thinking Tour de France. Like when all the bikes get too close together and there is a crash!!
#46 Posted by Moomin123 (2205 posts) - - Show Bio

Good English accent, Babs. I never thought there'd be a zombie news report done by Comicvine. But that's the brilliant thing about Comicvine, it's always thinking on it's feet.
#47 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2547 posts) - - Show Bio

I am doing the podcast right now and talking about this video.

#48 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

Best video... everrrrrh! 
Hopefully Bunny made it out of there alive (not Shawn of the Dead style) although she pronounced 'color' without a 'u' in it ;)

#49 Posted by Media_Master (2189 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, those zombies didn't stand a chance.

#50 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3404 posts) - - Show Bio
Even if she didn't get out alive. She could easily become a Black Lantern.

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