Check out the Zombie Table! "A Product you can really Get Behind"

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How many times have you found yourself in this situation? You're just hanging out and watching TV when all of a sudden *BOOM* zombies come pouring in through your living room window. Happens to us all the friggin' time and now we are no longer getting caught with our pants down (depending on what we're watching on said TV of course). 

Behold, the Zombie tested and victim approved Safe Bedside Table. Getting rushed by flesheaters? No problem! The Safe Bedside Table has a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defense.

That will learn those pesky ghouls with their insatiable hunger! The table was created by James McAdam of London out of cherry wood and steel. Visit his official site here for more.
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That'll come in handy.Encourage
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I'd use it as a Tv tray

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