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The Zombie Priest is a mysterious elderly man who dresses in a dishoveled suit and top hat. His hat is adorned with the skin of a man's face stitched to the front of it. Buzzard learns that the Zombie Priest is actually a demonic creature from hell and was the same impish figure told of in the legend of Rumplestilskin. After the Queen in the legend confronted him with his true name he was cast back into hell and tortured for decades as punishment for being defeated by a human. He eventually managed to climb back into the mortal realm and is now obsessed with destroying humanity and mocking the essence of life by raising his victims as the living dead. The Zombie Priest also displays dominion over other zarious monstrosities such as ghouls and bog monsters (boglurks).

The mere whispering of his true name renders the Zombie Priest defenseless and is shown to be able to send him into seizure like fits of retching.

Since it's first appearance in the Hellboy crossover, the Zombie Priest is rarely depicted without the presence of his faithful cat, which can speak and has a disfigured human face.

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