Does this character really need his own page?

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Well does he?

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He's his own separate character that co-stars in an ongoing series and has co-starred in what, two minis now? So yeah, he deserves as much of a page as say, Boulder/Butterball does, certainly.

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no...he's an alternate version of Deadpool...if does deserve one then so does every other alternate version of every character
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@danhimself said:
" no...he's an alternate version of Deadpool...if does deserve one then so does every other alternate version of every character "
But he was brought into the Marvel Universe-Proper, making him an official Marvel-616 character. If he doesn't get one, than neither should The Exiles...
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As far as I know, being in Earth-616 from another universe doesn't qualify 'Headpool' to receive his own page.  He (or it) has had a smaller history than many other AU characters who haven't received their own pages.  Then again, I don't approve of the cast of Mutant X having their own pages... 
We'll see what some of the mods think.

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@RaptorFratBoy: The Exiles is a team. It's different. There already is an article about Headpool on the Deadpool page. He is not "an offical 616 character" he still is from another universe.  Other universe characters have been in the 616 universe but they don't have their own page.
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What about all those *insert marvel character* 2099s then?

#8 Posted by jloneblackheart (6003 posts) - - Show Bio
@IcarusMach9: the 2099 characters all were different aliases and histories. Example: Spider-Man 2099 was not Peter Parker, he was Miguel O'Hara (I think). I think the only 2099 character that was the same as their regular counterpart was Doom 2099, and he does not have his own page. 
@Everyone: As far as Zombie Deadpool goes, it seems like he might deserve his own page to me. It's a gray area deciding what constitutes a separate character and is always best discussed with a mod before creating such a page. But if you look who the top contributor is you will notice it is Fesak, a moderator and editing giant, so I trust his judgment.
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That makes sense. Sorry, not familiar with how the Marvel Mulitverse works.

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@IcarusMach9: No worries. It can be complex. If ever you have any doubts, the best thing to do is bring it up in discussion.
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Any character that gets any storyline development even if they are only featured in a panel or two, but are and will be be known to have development should have their own page.
Thats as simple as that.

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he don't now, but after 10 or so month his history will start to build so i think it better to have it now rather then later and there are lots fo character that shouldn't have a page and do. like nothing agenst the man Obama or Bush shouldn't have a page or so i think.
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Is a different character regardless of been deadpool from another reality. It is not our Deadpool and been a separate factor in 616 it becomes its own thing. So yes! It deserves its own page :D 
Z-Headpool FTW :D

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I'm thinking that all of the Deadpool spin offs don't need to have their own pages.  Li'l Wade, Major DP, Lady DP, Zombie DP... it's all getting a bit silly really.  They're essentially the same character but from different universes.

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Seeing as how he was an Alternate reality version of Deadpool who is now in the current comic universe...yes, he does. 
If he was still in the zombie universe it would have been different, and I'd say "no he doesn't" however since he's in the 616 universe then yes I would have to say "Yes". So as long as all these alternate versions of Deadpool (Major Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kid Deadpool) stay in their universe then they don't need their own page, but if they move into the current 616 universe then Yes they need their own page. 

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