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Zoe is the daughter of Deadshot. She lives in Star City. When Deadshot discovered he had a daughter he started trying to clean up crime in her neighborhood. But, realizing he's not a family man, he asks Green Arrow to patrol her neighborhood more often, and then leaves Star City.

Major Story Arcs

Secret Six

For more information see: Six Degrees of Devastation

Floyd, Michelle (going by the name of Floyd's ex-wife, Susan) , and Zoe Lawton are on a family outing at a Star City Park, when Lady Vic and Double Dare show up to kill Floyd, and they give Floyd ten seconds to get Zoe and Susan out of the crossfire. Susan takes Zoe away but returns with her at the right moment to help Floyd to defeat the assassins. Floyd is going to kill one of Double Dare but when he realizes Zoe is watching he can't do it and lets them escape.

Later when Floyd calls Michelle to tell her that he will never see Zoe again, for her own safety, Zoe can be seen crying knowing full well why her father is calling.

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