Ultimate Zodiak

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Zodiak is a serial killer that is human.  He is big and thug like in appearance and had tattoos of various signs on his arm.  He kills people and carves there zodiak sign on them before killin them relating to their sign.  Like putting  a scorpion in a persons mouth (scorpio), crushing two people who look alike together(gemini)  drwoning (Aquarius) ext.  Seeing that Zodiak is a Leo, he uses the bones of a lion as a weapon.  He is also Caretaker's twin brother.  His mass murder's lead to Ghost Rider killin him but Zodiak gain a supernatural power after he was killed.  Everytime he is now killed, he turns in a deadly version of a zodiak symbol.  Like a deadly flood or a bull.  It was during this ghost Rider learned about The Blood.  It is also revealed that only a member of the Blood can kill another Blood member.  As a bull he faught ghost Rider with the help of Blackout.  At one point he knocks Zodiak out with his bike leaving Caretaker to kill him but Blackout kills Zodiak by bitting him turning Zodiak into a flood monster.  Together Ghost Rider, Caretaker, and bounty hunter Johnny Blaze fight Zodiak burning him in his water element before he can flood NYC.  finally Zodiak turns into two deadly sharks monsters(pisces) and Ghost Rider and Blaze cover their chain and bullet with Caretaker's blood and kill Zodiak.  Before he dies Zodiak says before he dies, "They found him!"  Moments later it is revealed on the news that a crystal like tomb was found in Greece containing a odd looking corpse of Zarathos.

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