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Types of Bullets

Libra: requires a scale the bullet will have the wilder makes the bullet attack one target given the question ask. It requires a scale

Scorpio: a bullet that will strike twice the second attack will aim for the head. It Requires a scorpion

Aquarius: instant shield that will protect the user and anyone and anything he/she is defending. It requires a vase

Pisces: bullet a bullet that attack in water if it is flying fish it can attackin in the air as well.

Taurus: it just like ox bullet it can deliver allot of destruction. requires the essence of a ox

Sagittarius: a bullet that attack like an arrow. It requires a bow

Gemini: two bullet shot one of them is a basic that will equal the attack thrown at the wielder while hides in the shadow attacking the target from the ground. It requires essence somethings or someones that are twins

How to use it

Just like Eto gun the wielder must burn their hand with mark that can be found on the handle




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