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Zodd Nosferatu is an infamous Apostle who has spent 300 years as a mercenary, and is revered by many as the God of Warfare. Zodd has a little known prior relationship with Skull Knight. The two have clashed multiple times over the centuries, with no clear winner emerging. He is forever seeking opponents skilled enough handle more than one swing of his sword. He may have found a new rival in Guts who can stand on equal footing of his normal human form. Zodd's goal is to find the ultimate foe for whom he would serve for the rest of his life. At the moment Zodd follows Griffith due to his defeat at his hands.


Zodd's common form is that of a towering human-like warrior, sharing some facial traits with that of a large predatory animal. He wields a massive sword in this form, and wears minimal armor. His Apostle form is reminiscent of a massive Human-Bear hybrid, with massive horns and bat-like wings. Recently, one of his horns was severed in a battle with Skull Knight.

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