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During the Black Lantern attack on Earth, all Corps united in common interest to destroy Nekron and the Black Lantern Corps. During the battle, the Sinestro Corps villain Karu-Sil was attacked by the re-animated corpses of her pack of wild "dogs". Karu-Sil was unequipped to deal with this threat and faced certain death, until the Green Lantern Zivvireel raced in to her aid.  
Zivvireel implored Karu-Sil to put aside her hatred for his Corps and work with him to destroy the Black Lanterns. Together, their combined lights eradicated the un-living monsters. Although the immediate threat was vanquished, Zivvireel made the fatal mistake of trusting in a Sinestro Corpsman's sense of honor. As Zivvireel turned away from Karu-Sil, the Sinestro Corps soldier cowardly attacked him from behind, blasting the Green Lantern in the head with a lethal beam from her ring.  
Presumably, Zivvireel's remains were interned alongside his fellow Corpsmen in the Crypts of Oa.    

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