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Zha -Vam was sent to the future to punish the mortals by defeating Superman,since the humans had all but forgotten them. He became leader of the United Crime Syndicate since they were looking for a new boss .When he confronted Superman he defeated him by pressing letters on his belt for example he pressed the letter "G" and was transformed into the mythical Gorgon and when he pressed the letter P " he turned into Pluto and took away all the light in the world turning it black .Superman went to his Super-Computer to find a way to defeat Zha-Vam ,it told him that he had a Achilles's heel .But Zha-Vam knew about this and wore a Kryptonite sock .Superman returned from space and discovered that a Shield of Orion was placed around earth by Zha-Vam so he decided to go back in time to Ancient Greece .Once there he found out that the Gods of Olympus had sent Zha-Vam ,After speaking to the Oracle Superman enlisted the aid of other Gods to help him defeat Zha-Vam .With the help of Balder`s invulnerability and Atlas , Zha-Vam was defeated .Superman returns Zha-Vam back to Olympus and the Gods admitting that they were wrong turned Zha-Vam into clay .

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