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Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 3590
Sector Partner: Unknown
Citcra Tana
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Inapplicable


Zevonn Parzzx hails from the planet Citcra Tana in Space Sector 3590.  Citcra Tana is a polar planet and it's inhabitants resemble sentient versions of Earth's polar bears.  Zevonn's family was exceedingly proud of their son's service in the Green Lantern Corps and showed that pride by happily hanging a Corps banner outsdie of their igloo-like home. 

While Zevonn was training under the direction of Kilowog and Kyle Rayner, light years away, his family was interrupted by a mysterious stranger.  The stranger first killed the Parzzx family pet with a blast of energy before boldly striding into the Lantern's family home and slaughtering at least five of Zevonn's family members.  Zevonn was unaware of these murders until he and his fellow trainees were interrupted in their exercises by what appeared to be a rainstorm.  Within moments of the storm's fall, the Lanterns discovered that something far more gruesome than rain was falling from the sky.  Hundreds of eyeballs had fallen from the heavens in a sickening warning to the Lantern Corps. 

A quick analysis of the organic material revealed the sad news that these eyes were brutally torn from the bodies of many Lanterns' family members, including the Parzzx family from Citcra Tana.  Zevonn collapsed in despair over this terrible revelation.  He was comforted by Senior Lantern Kilowog who assured all of the rookies that there was "no shame" in their grief.  Although the mysterious Lantern Saarek used his abilities in communing with the dead to draw an image of the attacker from his victims' eyes, the actual identity of this villain remains unknown.

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