Is Zeus Elder God ?

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I Mean
He is Son of Cronus and Rhea
And Both Cronus and Rhea where children of Gaia (Elder God of Earth) and Uranus (Elder God of Sky)

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No. The offspring of Elder Gods are not necessarily Elder Gods themselves, otherwise half the gods of the various pantheons would be Elder Gods. Just like the offspring of gods are not necessarily gods, not unless both parents are.
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Zeus has sometimes been called an elder god because of his age and being part of a previous generation of gods like Odin and far older than many younger gods like Thor and Hercules.  However, he is not a member of a group of beings called the Elder gods that sprang from the Earth's Demiurge.  Atum is usually considered either the last of them or the first of the new. 
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and Set Are all elder Gods and older then Atum 
But i was talking about another thing
Cronus And   Rhea where Children of Ouranos and Gaia 
Both where elder gods That means Cronus Rhea where too 
Cronus and Rhea had children Zeus, Pluto and Poseidon 
I'm Just Curious how is that Zues is not considered Elder god
Sorry for my bad english..
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@D3athstroke: The specific elder gods (Oshtur, Gaea, Chthon, etc.)  you refer to in your list all have a common origin.  They emerged directly from the Earth's Demiurge, Earth's lifeforce billions of years before any of the modern gods came into being.  Atum is usually attributed as one of these because his father was the Demiurge and he is the last of them born at the end of their age.  Whenver Marvel or someone talks about Elder Gods it usually refers to this specific group of beings.  Age has little to do with being a member of this group.  The main requirement for being part of this group is being directly born from the Demiurge and being from about the same time period in Earth's history. 
The deal with the Titans you referring to is being considered an elder gods specifically by age alone.  Children of Gaea alone are not considered Elder Gods, as in a member of the group mentioned above.  She birthed many of the gods of other pantheons as well and they are not considered elder gods.  Now, the Titans are the group of gods that predated the Olymplians.  As such they are the older, or elder, group of gods being from a previous generation.  Zeus has been called an elder god by Thor due to being from a previous generation of gods and much older than Thor.  So Zeus is sometimes an elder god due to being older than gods like Thor and Hercules.  However, he is not and can never be a member of the same group of Elder Gods as Gaea and Set because Zeus was not born from the Earth's biosphere/demiurge. 
Another way to put it might be Zeus, compared to some, is an elder god (lower case lettering and talking about him in a general sense) due to age alone.  However, he is not an Elder God (upper case lettering referring to a specific group of beings) due to lacking the necessary origin.
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Zeus is the grandson of Elder Gods.

(Miss you, Dad. post #8115)

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