How fair is Zeus in his decisions of justice?

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Whatever his feelings towards mortals, Marvel's Odin has usually been shown as fair and balanced in dealing with them. He tries to protect them from the affairs of the gods and if forced to make a decision between a god and a mortal he will side with whomever is in the right even if it is a mortal. When he does let his temper get the better of his judgement usually in a short amount of time he realizes it and tries to make amends.

Would Marvel Zeus do the same thing? He tends to be much more rash than Odin in his judgements and less reflective on them even when he is wrong. If forced to arbitrate a matter between a major god and a mortal do you think he would side with the god even if the god was in the wrong by trying to find some loophole or other factor?

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Whoops ignore this :P

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Marvel's Zeus is quite reactionary and capricious.

Odin on the other hand, is hardly the standard for high-minded fairness. Throughout his entire history, the character Odin has been all over the place in terms of how he reacts and deals with just about everything. He's been quite reactionary, tempermental, judgemental and capricious himself. Odin has been/is totally inconsistent.

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Well God of Wisdom is one of Odin's titles so it'd make sense for him to be more level headed than other gods

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@PowerHerc: You are right in Odin at times can come across as capricious himself especially where Thor and Jane Foster are concerned. But for most part once you get past all of his yelling he is generally fair and balanced and at least comes across as a lot more reasonable than Zeus. I think being absolute monarchs both are used to the mindset of getting their way and do not tolerate challenges to their authority, disrespect, or suffer fools lightly. To me though just when they tend to lose their cool Odin often has a much better reason for his actions than Zeus.

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@seekquaze: Though I find these two to be very close in demeanor and temperment, I can agree that Odin comes across as being more fair than Zeus a lot.

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