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Professor Steamhead; one of the teachers at Ninja High School, and a world renowned steamologist gave the team of Zetraman their powers. He combined the radiation of the very rare element of Zetranite with steam.

After the initial treatment, all it takes is a strong gust of steam, (which usually comes from their Zetra Watches) to trigger the transformation in Zetraman. Steam on!

The initial lineup consisted of three guys. Mikey, (Zetra Blue): the unofficial team leader. Mikey was known as the intellectual one. He had water based powers. Next was Howard, (Zetra Red): The big guy. Howard is the strong silent type. He has both Earth based and Fire powers. And third was Phrank, (Zetra Yellow): the funny one. Although he looked like a bit of a nerd, (small skinny guy with glasses) he was by far the funniest and most outgoing of the group. He had Wind powers, (which he often manifested in gas related uses).

Three Zetramen and a Baby

Zetraman tries to protect an alien baby whose planet has been destroyed in a Muldavian genocide competition.

Venus Needs Men

Female invaders from Venus have their sights set on Zetraman's "Zetra-Powered genetic material". Unfortunately, the guys soon discover that repopulating a planet is not as fun an adventure as they had anticipated. They are forced to fight their way out "Zetra Style", (lots of martial arts, explosions and giant robots).

This story first introduced the characters of Aleka and Terri.


The original team of Mikey, Phrank and Howard exhaust their supply of Zetranite and lose their powers fighting giant monsters. A new source of Zetranite is found that could revive the boys powers, but it ends up in the possession of a rival steamologist; the evil Zetranis. Together with the followers of L. Ron Dullard he uses his supply to form the ridiculous "Zetraforce" which consisted of "Zetra Plaid", "Zetra Stripe", "Zetra Paisley" and "Zetra Polka-Dot". They quickly start an incursion on Quagmire.

While this is happening, a fresh supply is found and stolen by woman named Colen; a rebel leader from the planet Arango. To the teams good fortune, she ends up in Quagmire. While there she ends up allying herself with Quagmire residence Aleka and Terri to form Zetrawoman. Eventually, the boys get their powers back and they all team together to form one awesome group.

Ahead of their Time

It should be noted that Zetramen predated the debut of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" by more than a year.

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