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With his newfound power, Hank Hall, the former Monarch, has become Extant. He has created temporal rifts at the beginning of time and at its end. His goal is to have the rifts eat away time. At the end of time, the Time Trapper tries to stop him, and is destroyed.

Meanwhile, Metron of the New Gods has detected the temporal anomalies and brings them to Darkseid’s attention. Darkseid decides to wait the storm out, so Metron enlists the aid of Superman. The Linear Men also detect the anomalies, and send Waverider and Rip Hunter to investigate. Waverider appears in the 64th century, where the Flash is fighting Abra Kadabra. The temporal anomaly absorbs the 64th century, including both Flash and Kadabra. Waverider and Hunter escape into the past, with Flash’s costume to serve as a warning.

With time in flux, Batman and Robin encounter Batgirl capturing the Joker. This Batgirl is a version of Barbara Gordon who was never paralyzed. Batman meets up with Superman, and the two are approached by Metron. Superman and Metron find Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who uses his ring to send an alert to the heroes of Earth, to warn them of the time anomalies, and to gather them to fight against the rifts.

Meanwhile, the rifts continue to converge towards the 30 century. In the 58th century, the century of Pol Manning, Rip Hunter and Waverider try again. Waverider, Rip Hunter, and time traveling Green Lantern Hal Jordan try to sop the rift, and fail. Back in the 20th century, the Justice Society of America find the captured Vandal Savage disappears, when the era he was born in is destroyed by the rift. Waverider appears to the Justice Society, and gives Jay Garrick Flash’s costume. As the Justice Society prepares for action, Extant takes over the Linear Men’s Vanishing Point.

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